Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush's Last SOTU

I tried listening to our so-called president's final State of the Union address last night, but on top of Bush's formidable rhetorical deficiencies, we had the spectacle of the Wide Stance members of Congress treating every sentence clause as an opportunity to grant a standing ovation. I did catch that he's still milking those ink-stained thumbs from 2004, when the Iraqi people elected a parliament that has since gathered to manifest pre-existing sectarian and ethnic chasms in the form of political chasms; and I caught his claim that even though all kinds of vague indicators show Iraq to be a fantastic success in all ways, we must not dare foresee an end to the occupation. The war is going great! Long live the war!

So I guess I was wrong to expect him to downplay Iraq. He's perfectly happy to talk about Iraq because everyone in his bubble keeps telling him how wonderful it is. It's the rest of the Wide Stance party, the part that still needs to win elections, that wants desperately to make it go away. And they want Bush himself to go away too, for that matter.

Did he promise to restore New Orleans again? I can only guess he did since he seemed to be re-reading from highlights of the last four or five SOTUs.

Less than a year to go.

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