Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Bradley Effect?

Regarding my polling question -- "Do you hold opinions on public matters that you would be unwilling to reveal to a face-to-face pollster, even if the poll results would be kept anonymous?" -- each of my five readers voted six times apiece, and when added to my own multiple votes, the final tally came to NO by a factor of 2:1.* This is contrary to my educated guess going in, but the non-scientific poll has spoken.

So what does it mean, insofar as a non-scientific poll with a tiny sample size on a blog means anything? I can only speculate.

Maybe it means people are settled and comfortable in their convictions. That may or may not be a good thing.

Maybe it means people are more open than is commonly assumed to full, candid airings of opinions, even on controversial topics. And maybe this is a shift. The blogosphere is just such a milieu, and a 'safe' one in the sense that it can be approached as slowly or quickly as desired -- in nibbles or gulps.

Where did people go to scream their unbalanced opinions at each other before the blogosphere? They didn't do it in person, did they?

What I know is that when I entertain opinions I wouldn't want to share, that's a place to explore. What am I trying to hide? For good reasons?

* I have no actual reason to believe that anyone bothered to vote multiple times in the poll. Even if I had the inclination, I wouldn't know how to track it.


LRO said...

Maybe the people who would be unwilling to reveal their opinions to a pollster would be the same people who were unwilling to reveal them on a blog.

Dale said...

Good point. There's an irony to the question itself.