Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cartoonishly Ineffectual Evangelism

I'm with PZ Myers on this:

maybe I'm misinterpreting the fundie Muslim position here: maybe their goal is actually to make sure the world thinks their beliefs are dangerous and stupid, and also ineffectual; they're flailing pointlessly to suppress a couple of scribblings that would have vanished into obscurity, and have managed to turn them into icons of Islamic insanity. They're doing a good job if that's so.
This is the whole cartoon, and it's not funny nor is it memorable nor is it endearing. It doesn't make an elegant or resounding point in the way that the best cartoons can. But it's probably the single most famous satirical cartoon on planet earth today because certain Muslims have thrown such a violent tantrum over it.

I am driven to ask this same question of evangelical Christians frequently: are they really trying to win converts to their faith, or are they trying to drive people away? Committed Muslims claim they're duty-bound to spread Islam. Do they think this works?


Zennalathas said...

I thought it was pretty funny....

LRO said...

Fear is the usual way to gain converts, otherwise one's way of life would attract people with no need to coerce.

Thanks for making your blog easier on my eyes!

Dale said...

Zen, you're right. It's kinda funny.

LRO, yes, fear is a time-honored favorite. Sometimes it even works.