Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exeunt Rick Fleharty?

I notice this morning that the web site of presidential candidate, Ponca City favorite son, and authentic American crackpot Rick Fleharty -- -- no longer exists. [Update: it seems to exist again. Whuh?]

Why? Has he "suspended" his presidential campaign, as they're phrasing it these days? Has there been a scandal? A denial of service attack or other dirty trick by another campaign? Did someone spill Coors Light all over the server? Does he believe he's already won?

For now, the only traces of his campaign to be found on the web consist of scattered news reports, posts from this precious, precious blog, and the information he submitted to Project Vote Smart. I offer a few excerpts from the latter below.

Here's Rick on education:

Our education system does everything but teach our kids. Our kids are being programed to react instead of being taught to think for them self. It seems that the more we do for them, the less they learn or understand.
Rick on guns:
The only thing gun control does is produce more crime. A gun is nothing more than a tool, just like a shovel, computer, car and every other tool we use. Any one tool can do more damage than a gun could ever do.
Rick's priorities as president:
Getting this country back on its feet and standing strong. There is not just a couple of thing that we can do to get this country back where it should be. In short, the whole system has short itself out by it own leaders and people putting them self first. The hardest problem this country has is changing its ways. This country is on the edge of be coming a third world country that can not take care of it self.
Could it be the most promising presidential candidacy headquartered in Ponca City has "short itself out" this early in the campaign season?

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