Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

It's Leap Day, and for the curious, the Bad Astronomer has a very thorough write-up of the hows and whys and wherefores of Leap Days and Leap Years.

My focus, of course, is on how I might turn the phenomenon of leap days/years into a diatribe about religious belief, conservatives, and/or small towns. Not that I can't think of ways to do so, but I think I'll decline (for purposes of this paragraph of this post). It's Friday, after all, and what are Fridays if not a day to lose focus?

I will say I pity the kids born on Leap Day. Not only do they get to celebrate birthdays only once every four years, but far worse, they are likely to have been born to the kind of mother who would actually bother to accelerate the onset of labor in order to have a Leap Baby. And such mothers surely wouldn't stop there. They'd be the kind of mothers who would dress their children in embarrassing costumes, enroll them in pageants, make them recite poems for houseguests, treat them as channel-changing / key-finding / denture-fetching tools, leave the dentures out when the children had guests over, and drop discussion-ending rhetorical questions like "who said life was fair?" with alarming frequency.

I was not born on Leap Day.

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