Friday, February 29, 2008

Heh: A Cavil for the Blogospheres

Don't you hate blog posts like this one?


Suppose this post ended above that line. I don't mean to pick on Greg Laden or his excellent blog, but the above is both an illustration and an example of the sort of blog post that is starting to balloon into a pretty big pet peeve: it just links to something, somewhere, by someone out in the reaches of the internets, and gives little context or background. I'm just supposed to trust that by clicking the link I'll land on something Jeff-Spicoli-totally-awesome.

Well, maybe I will, but what's wrong with telling me what kind of totally awesome treat I'm bound for? What's wrong with working from the assumption that maybe, just maybe, not every reader will find it as totally awesome as you did without a little context? Pray tell, how about increasing its awesomeness by excerpting it and stirring in some of your own awesomeness? We do have the ability to write our own commentary here in the blogosphere. It's rather well known for that. Sweet Jeebus H. Rove! I can't believe I'm having to explain these things to bloggers of all people.

I frequently encounter articles and blog entries I don't necessarily feel prepared to comment upon but that I'd like to share with my six readers. For those instances -- and they are legion -- I have made use of the "shared items" functionality of google reader. The last several items I've shared in this fashion appear in one of the boxes on the side of the blog currently titled "shared from reader."

Moreover, for those of you as addicted to google reader as I am, it is possible to add my shared items as a feed unto itself -- it behaves just as any other blog. And the feed will work in any valid "content aggregator" that knows how to handle RSS feeds, not just google reader. Here's the link and here's the raw URL used for subscribing to my shared items (not the URL to the shared items themselves):


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