Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Am Pretty White

Yes, I am pretty white, although, I have to say, at the risk of evasive rationalizations, that I know plenty of whiter people than I am. What the f__k am I talking about? A new-to-me blog-like entity, Stuff White People Like, which is now sweeping the internets for all I know.

Stuff White People Like that I like too:

  • #65 - Pretending to know everything. I should pretend otherwise? Given the evidence of this precious, precious blog?
  • #66 - Standing still at concerts. This is one reason I don't go to these very much any more; it's too embarrassing to be so lame in public. White people don't like being lame in public, although you wouldn't know it.
  • #60 - Toyota Prius. Ouch.
Stuff White People Like that I don't actually care so much for:
  • #61 - Bicycles. Why bike when you can run? Don't tell me -- running is somewhere on the list, isn't it?
  • #64 - Mos Def. Eh.
  • #58 - Japan. Exactly! I can't even count the number of white people who have droned on about how badly I need to visit Japan. Now that I think about it, I don't think any of these people were other than white.
There are plenty of others. The lists above should not be construed as taking a position on anything not listed. This white person doesn't like having opinions attributed to him willy-nilly, notwithstanding the blog-like entity under discussion.

It's probably just a publicity stunt or a bit of viral marketing, and the site seems to be responding rather spottily -- three things this white person doesn't like.

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LRO said...

Uh oh...I spotted myself on the list: I like all things Japanese, I stand still (if I stand at all) at concerts, and I do pretend to know everything! Wow, they nailed me!