Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Madness

Today the US Senate voted to grant immunity to telecommunications companies that participated in the Bush-Cheney junta's illegal spying on Americans. Here's Senator Feingold, one of the all-too-few Senators to see the matter clearly:

The Senate missed a golden opportunity to pass a bill that would give our intelligence officials the tools they need to go after suspected terrorists while also safeguarding the privacy of law-abiding Americans. Instead the Senate, with the help of too many Democrats, is yet again giving the administration sweeping new powers – and letting it off the hook for its illegal wiretapping program. I hope that our House colleagues will hold a stronger line, and refuse to accept the deeply flawed Senate bill. The calls from Americans tired of having their rights and their Constitution trampled on by this administration are only growing louder. Congress should stand up for the American people, and the Constitution, by opposing such a badly flawed bill.
The House bill does not grant immunity, so there is still time to stop this madness. Here is a petition to restore the rule of law and protect the separation of powers.

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