Monday, February 4, 2008

Of Tears and Clowns

Andrew Sullivan simmers with contempt for Hillary Clinton, declaring the tears on her face "The Tears of the Anti-Feminist":

If she'd wanted to, she could have forged a political career on her own, and done splendidly. She chose not to. She chose to form a long-standing alliance with the man she married, to fuse her own political persona with a man's, and to win her first national power - as First Lady, with authority to remake American healthcare - without ever being directly elected to anything.
It's worth noting that Hillary hatred was already well-developed long before the Clinton health care initiative, and that one of her first transgressions involved the opposite of this tripe, namely, her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad "stand by your man" quip, in which her too-strident feminism and doubtful commitment to her husband's ambitions raised endless hackles and hurt countless feelings. Now she's not feminist enough because she cries, and she's a soulless harpy because she is too attached to her husband's politics.

Sigh. I want to believe Andrew Sullivan is the last professional conservative standing who isn't just a whining, lying clown. I want to think he actually has some of the decency and intellectual honesty that conservatives like to assign themselves. It would be so very refreshing for Andrew Sullivan to step forward, put these ridiculous rationalizations aside, and give an honest account of what is so profoundly loathsome about Hillary Clinton. I ask for that because I just don't fucking get it, and I know of lots of others who don't get it, and if we're going to pick another wink-at-torture, occupy-Iraq-forever, fuck-everything, fuck-everyone, shoot-old-men-in-the-face, burn-every-bridge president because of how profoundly loathsome Hillary Clinton is, we should at least leave future archaeologists a truthful written accounting of it.

Update: Stanley Fish observes the anti-Hillary phenomenon.


Zennalathas said...

I think it's because she has a snuke in her snizz, lol.

Dale said...

Zen, maybe so. I don't know what that even means, but it's at least as rational as any other explanation I've heard. Thanks for giving it a try. ;-)

Domestically Challenged said...

a) I freakin LOVE Hillary.

b) My take on Hillary loathing is that she is a bit too old-school politics. Meaning she does actually play the politics game... as she should, she IS a politician after all.

c) I think she gets a lot of feminist bashing from men, usually conservative men, because they really don't like the idea of a "strong" woman but know that's not PC and therefore go in the back door by saying she is not feminist enough... because they can. They've attacked every female part of her in the past year (and before) from her hair, clothes (cut and color), cleavage, accusing her of having balls btwn her legs, emotion... you name it. I've never seen a male candidate have his maleness attacked (even for wearing pink!). They are misogynistic sexist scardycats for hiding behind their "not feminist enough" deflectors.

d) (in ref to Sullivan's article) Name ONE man who became prez and didn't politically align themselves with other MEN. The only difference is she is married to her political allegiance. Everybody at that level of power had help getting there, that's the way it works, isn't it?

Dale said...

Quite right, DC. Nothing on the list of alleged Hillary crimes is special or unusual.

Something else is at play here and I think you're onto it.