Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Opinions Are Like Assholes

This is less a prediction than a hope about the Oscar for Best Picture, but I would rank the nominees as follows:

1. There Will Be Blood (TWBB).

2. No Country for Old Men (NCfOM).

I place TWBB slightly above NCfOM because while I enjoyed NCfOM more (to the extent 'enjoy' is the word), I think TWBB has a better claim to being an Enduring, Memorable Classic that one would hope to associate with any film awarded the Best Picture Oscar. Put differently, I think that after the buzz of the moment passes and we look back on 2007, TWBB is the more likely of the two to provoke a forehead-slapping "what the hell were they thinking not to give that the Oscar?!" reaction, the same reaction we all have about Rocky III, the one with Mr. T. I could easily be wrong about that.

3. Juno. I enjoyed Juno a lot more than I expected to, but I would not place it in the company of the first two. I found little resonance with the politics-of-abortion chatter that surrounded it, even though I watched it with those politics in mind. I didn't find it to be a story about abortion or abortion politics in any way that interests me, and I find little reason for any side to use it for counting up 'points.' It had some funny lines and the performances were, by and large, very convincing, although the characters, particularly the adoptive parents, bordered on the schematic.

4.-5. Um, I have not actually seen Atonement or Michael Clayton, underscoring the already glaring pointlessness of this ranking. Based on what I have read and heard about them, I would guess that Atonement belongs somewhere above Juno and possibly competes on the level of TWBB and NCfOM.

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