Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out of Iraq

I added this precious, precious blog to the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus because the war and occupation in Iraq needs to end. Continuing the US military presence there destroys lives, enables political dysfunctions here and in Iraq, and costs astounding amounts of money -- $275 million per day -- that should be spent on better things. (Adding to the last point, Obscene Desserts delves nicely into the perverseness of US military spending.)

Here in the US, it has become more and more common to hear that "the surge is working," but actual political reconciliation has been minor to nonexistent. Last week, to much fanfare, the Iraqi parliament passed three laws, at least one of which is expected to be vetoed, but left the most contentious issues unresolved. After this fit of "productivity" the Iraqi parliament declared a five week recess.

The war has done what it will do. It removed Saddam Hussein and thus exposed the factionalism and tribalism underlying Iraqi society. The occupation has laid down the rudiments of a constitutional system. The rest is for Iraqis to resolve. The remaining problems there, substantial as they are, are not the type the US military is capable of solving.

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--Blue Girl said...

Thanks for adding your voice to our chorus. Enough ants can overtake an elephant, you know.