Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rick Fleharty Awaits His Moment

A far-flung correspondent, CH, sends this image of the Rick Fleharty for President headquarters and observes that the door is locked and there is no visible activity inside or outside -- no tee-vee reporters scrambling around for a quote on the latest developments in the economy or the middle east; no big-dollar donors pulling up in stretch limousines to hash out the business of politics; no would-be running mates primping, glad-handing passers by, or polishing their stump speeches; nor is there any sign of candidate Rick himself. There is, CH reports, little to suggest that the promising egg of this storefront will soon hatch the world's most powerful man:

I was hoping to sign his petition, shake his hand, and buy a cap and bumper sticker, but the place was closed up tight. I waited in the car for a few minutes hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghostly mullet-shaped silhouette, but he never appeared. Nor could I find him beating the pavement downtown collecting signatures.
He's probably pursuing a Rudy 911iani-like strategy of picking just the right moment to enter the national race. That's a proven plan.

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