Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scientology Is Complete Crap

The "anonymous" group is planning worldwide protests against Scientology tomorrow, including an event here in Portland. I wonder if Scientology is too insipid a cult to even deserve protesting?

At the further risk of dignifying Scientology as something worth discussing, there's more background on Scientology from one of its escapees, Tory Christman, in the most recent Point of Inquiry podcast. Frankly, while I am glad she got out of Scientology, and while DJ Grothe does a good job of keeping the conversation moving, she seems a little daffy. No doubt Scientologists have a batshit explanation for that.


Anonymous said...

Scieno is complete crap, but i disagree with you about Tory, she rules. I think this is one of the best interviews she has given and she really drove her point home even when the DJ was giving the destructive cult a pass a couple of times. This was a mega win for Tory!

Dale said...

anonymous, I'll go with that. She was very strong on some points but seemed a bit lost on others. She's certainly saying important things about Scientology that deserve to be better known.