Friday, February 22, 2008

"Subdivisions" Was Never Aired.

I am not proud to know this, but I know that MTV never played this video. Never. Not one time. I know because I was watching MTV more or less non-stop during the window of time when this song would have had any claim to MTV's airtime, and had they played it, I would have soiled myself. And I would remember soiling myself.

Rush made it, MTV never aired it. Period. End of story. That's not to say it wasn't for the best in the end, but then again, no one is now ennobled by or proud of what they did play instead -- tens of thousands of repeats of videos by Duran Duran, Cindy Lauper, and Lionel fucking Ritchie.


Shane said..."my friend". remember friday nights (tbs?) they showed videos...I remember this one and several ones of U2 war album. I remember this well after going to the PoHi football games and coming home to crash...being in Jr. High (East)...we had no cars and no life! But KUDOs "my friend" for bringing back good memories!

Please note I did ask McCain if I could borrow from his speech "my friend" and then he loaned me a few bucks after taken the collateral on my Sidekick.

Zennalathas said...

Pssh! Rush is like the Dream Theater of yesteryear!

Except they got into Guitar Hero...

Dale said...

Shane, friend, I don't think so. When could they have worked Rush into the rotation when so many Cindy Lauper repeats had to be played? And so many Clearasil ads?

Clearasil didn't work.

Dale said...

Zen, Rush is like a lot of things, each less appealing than the last. But once you reach this state of dotage, you look back and find yourself connected with musical acts that bring shame and disgrace, and yet it's not possible to let them go. For all its crappiness, Rush is still awesome. I can't help it. Pity me.