Thursday, February 28, 2008

Which Side Are We On?

This WWII-era poster continues to faithfully represent the values of the enemies of the United States.

The only question is which side the current occupants of the United States will take.

We know the side the Bush-Cheney junta has taken, and, sadly, we know the side the presumptive Wide Stance candidate has taken.

In a lame attempt to defend McCain's cowardly embrace of torture, David Frum appeared on the 2/22 Bill Maher program and repeated the word "professional" a great many times; I gather his point was that the CIA, unlike the Army, is "professional," and can therefore be trusted to torture captives in a "professional" manner -- a claim that's absurd on its face, and the sort of thing that would instantly be construed as an attack on the "troops" if uttered by a liberal.

(H/T Sullivan )

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