Sunday, March 2, 2008

Barack Obama Is Christian

I'm skeptical that it actually means anything to say so, but insofar as it means that he is not a follower of one of the other leading brands of faith, it seems to be the fact of the matter. So to repeat: Barack Obama is a Christian, whatever that's worth to you.

It's possible he even has one of the "Certified Christian" seals tattooed somewhere on his body, etched into his driver's license, branded on his torso, embossed on all his underwear, or otherwise imprinted on him -- the kind that allows him to chum for singles on TogetherChristian dot com, although his wife would probably object to that.


Zennalathas said...

I'm currently working on a t-shirt that depicts Jesus on the cross, and the sign around his neck reads:

I told you I was hardcore!

I think I should send him a copy.

Dale said...

That's a great shirt idea. Have you shopped it to They pay for such t-shirt designs.