Friday, March 21, 2008

Cautionary Flu Tale

It's too late for me -- I'm accounting for some portion of that gleaming yellow flu-infected coloration of Oregon -- but maybe it's not too late for you to get your flu shot. So get your flu shot! You don't want this!

A couple of evenings ago, I was fine. I laid out my running clothes fully expecting to go running first thing the next morning. Some time in the middle of the night -- I try never to look at a clock in the middle of the night to keep from obsessing over the current time and how many minutes I have until the alarm goes off -- I became congested, and then more congested, and then slightly feverish and congested, and so on my second wakening I took some Nyquil. (You did want to hear this story, right?)

Hours later, Nyquil had done little, but the petulant 'tweet tweet tweet' of the birds told me it was morning. I decided I couldn't be any less comfortable in bed so I went downstairs hoping to find a differently-uncomfortable spot near the tee-vee and the computer. It was all I could do to log in to work to say I wouldn't be in.

And then it really got bad. For roughly the next twelve hours I lay motionless in a reclining chair, drifting in and out of consciousness, not bothering to take my usual anti-narcolepsy meds, taking feckless handfuls of acetaminophen, wondering how long before the bed sores would start to form, and how soon after that my flesh would start to become embedded in the very weave of the reclining chair fabric.

But really there was no wondering to do at all, just a deep mental fog that allowed in only the simplest perceptions -- cat is/is not currently on me; tee-vee is/is not too loud; it would/would not be better to go ahead and pee where I am sitting, etc. Daytime tee-vee offered up its usual quality -- documentaries about UFOs and ghost stories, college basketball, people yelling at each other about politics, all of it dumbfounding. Is this what it's like to be a Republican?

I can honestly say that between about 3pm and 8pm yesterday, the thought of walking out to fetch the mail sounded as difficult and pointless as a 30-mile run would sound on a regular day.

Today is a little better. I can think some and sit up straight with a lot less effort.

Get your flu shot.

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mikesdak said...

I had about 6 weeks ago. It took me two weeks to get back up to speed, and the cough is just starting to go away. And I had the flu shot!