Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour?

Tonight at 8pm, everyone is encouraged to power off the lights for one hour to make a statement about climate change.

I'm usually pretty supportive of bandwagons of this sort but I'm not participating in this one. I could cite the fact that I'm already enrolled in my energy utility's green power program (which I recommend for those eligible), but rationalizations are beside the point. I just find this irksome and I'm not doing it. Maybe I'll switch off a lamp. Maybe I'll defer starting the dishwasher or running a load of laundry. Maybe I'll be especially quick about closing the refrigerator door so the little bulb lights up for the least amount of time possible.

Maybe, but probably not. I am sure global warming will continue be a very serious problem in need of serious responses at 9pm tonight, whatever becomes of this hour-long gimmick.

But maybe I'm just being a petulant little shit about this. Here's some more information on the initiative:

Google write-up. I like google in black, whether it saves power or not.
World Wildlife Fund write-up.
Wikipedia write-up.
Earth Hour dot org write-up.


mikesdak said...

Some of their claims seem off. Even assuming they did get as much participation last year as they claim, where do they come up with a 10 percent reduction in carbon emissions? I doubt any power plant adjusted it's output much for that hour,and that's where the reduction would have to come from.

George Junior said...

I'm with you, Dale. Pointless gestures of this kind just irritate me.

Though I think you're underestimating the impact of Earth Hour: one hour of tokenism can assuage a full twelve months of guilt.