Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Election 2008: Dramatis Personae

Barack Obama, Democrat. The good guy. The candidate I support. Yes we can and so on.

Tonya Harding-Clinton, whatever party Joe Lieberman is in. Day after day, she reveals herself to be trailer trash masquerading as someone who is competitive in a contest in which all are interested, but her only real chance is to take the tire-iron of racial animus to Obama's kneecap. She can't recede to the below-the-fold stories in the lesser gossip rags too soon.

Chalky McSame, Wide Stance party. Why "Chalky"? Look at the man! He's the chalkiest! His forehead alone could stock an elementary school's chalk trays for a year! Why "McSame"? Because he is Bush again. Witness:

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