Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Am Coming From This Red Dot

I thought I already posted on this, but apparently not. As of the current mood swing I am a left-lib-tard, scoring -7.38 points to the economic left and -5.23 points to the libertarian left. Is it too trite to say I don't like some of the questions, that I think they call for a more nuanced answer than can be accommodated by the multiple choice format? Yea, that's too trite. I'm not saying that. Everybody says that about these kinds of tests; there's no way I'm saying that on this precious, precious blog.

Here's the online test with which you can reduce your consciousness to a red dot on a grid.


Laura said...

Well, I took the test and I was pleasantly surprised. I was situated next to Gandhi on the chart, and as far away as possible from Hitler and Bush. I took that as a good indicator of my character.

mikesdak said...

I scored -2.75 left/right and -2.15 on the other,which seems about right, although a number of my answers could have gone from agree to disagree or vice-versa quite easily.