Saturday, March 29, 2008

Islamism & Free Expression

Because the Koranic basis of Islam's hostility to western freedoms needs to be known and clearly understood, I've posted the Fitna video twice here, knowing that things have a funny way of vanishing from youtube and google video.

Islamists are working hard to suppress this Dutch film (background, more background), which tells part of the truth about their religion. It tells only part of that truth, but it's the part that most needs airing.

More excellent commentary on this film and the wider controversy can be found here and especially here on the Gene Expression blog.

At Butterflies & Wheels, Ophelia Benson cites the Fitna controversy as a relatively mild instance of broader ongoing efforts to restrict freedom of expression in the name of protecting religious believers from offense.

H/T to George Junior, who has also posted some apposite writings by and commentary on Spinoza.

We can have civilization and freedom or we can have Islamism. We cannot have both.

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