Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Making Use of the Middlecow

It turns out that cows might be the answer to all our prayers, and not in the Hindu sense:

[U]tility PG&E Corp began on Tuesday producing natural gas derived from manure, in what it hopes will be a new way to power homes with renewable, if not entirely clean, energy.

The Vintage Dairy Biogas Project, the brainchild of life-long dairyman David Albers, aims to provide the natural gas needed to power 1,200 homes a day, Albers said at the facility's inauguration ceremony.
If there is one thing cows can reliably produce, it's cow fecal matter. Perhaps it's worth asking if it would be more efficient to turn the grain directly into fuel without processing it through the cows first, but that's the kind of bad-faith cavil that has, for countless decades, paralyzed discussions of what to do with all the spare cow shit.

Cow chip tossing, for example, has failed to catch on as an Olympic sport; it hasn't even elevated Beaver, Oklahoma from the ranks of wretched tourist backwater.

Finally someone has gotten off the couch and made practical use of some of the cow shit we have, daring to ask "why not?" when others will only ask "what's that smell?"


Laura said...

But, Dale, can someone please come up with a viable way to recycle all the manure coming out of Washington, DC??? It really is an untapped source of energy.

Domestically Challenged said...

Dale, you find the best shit! I don't know how you do it!