Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama on Race

Barack Obama has delivered a major speech on race, politics, and religion. Do read it; it will make you a better person. Or watch and listen to it ...

A few responses, of many that are sure to come:

Andrew Sullivan:

Its ability to embrace both the legitimate fears and resentments of whites and the understandable anger and dashed hopes of many blacks was, in my view, unique in recent American history. And it was a reflection of faith - deep, hopeful, transcending faith in the promises of the Gospels. And it was about America - its unique promise, its historic purpose, and our duty to take up the burden to perfect this union - today, in our time, in our way ...
Matthew Yglesias:
What Obama is showing us here is that precisely because he's black, he's able to acknowledge and validate these [white] resentments in a way that would be very difficult for a white liberal politician ...
Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone:
Unfortunately, it’s a speech that’s much too smart to be dissected appropriately by the hacky denizens of mid-morning cable TV ...


mikesdak said...

Beautifully done. The man continues to step up to every challenge. I'm glad he took these on directly; now we can move on.

I commented on this last night in (drum roll) my recently-formed blog. Yes, Dale, I have opened a kiosk in the Mall of Hot Wind. I named it Cranium Creek for reasons I may eventually explain there.
It's on this very host site. I plan on putting in a link to your blog so that anyone who stumbles in to mine can go somewhere to see how it's really done.

Dale said...

This would be it, right?


Ah, blogging claims another soul.

I'll be reading! Thanks.

Ezekiel said...

I've been keeping away from listening to politicians for a while, but had decided anyway that Obama is a better choice (based on past policy, and third party analysis of his positions, etc.), so I have been supporting him.

That said, this speech is downright impressive. It's forceful, but more importantly, *incredibly* intelligent, educational, and nuanced. After having suffered through Bush's blatent lies and distorted reality for the past two election cycles (and even more sadly, the intervening years when he helped to make policy in this country) all I can say is that I have deep and profound gratitude that Obama is interested in making speeches that are factual, and refuse to play to people's fears.

Dale said...

Ezekiel, I agree. A lot of people have observed that the speech treated us like grownups, and that not only rings true but accounts for what was so odd about it. We just don't get speeches like that from politicians in America. I am at a loss to think of anything like it in my lifetime.

Will it serve him politically and in the short term? That's hard to say.