Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Offense-Giving Run Amok!

First it was novels and films, then defamatory cartoons. Didn't Islam's very most dedicated followers try to warn us this was all a slippery slope by rioting, killing filmmakers, and issuing death threats? Well, look where it has slid now -- the Pope has publicly converted someone to some other religion! One that isn't Islam! In public!

Aref Ali Nayed, the head of Jordan's Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, called the baptism of journalist Magdi Allam a deliberate and provocative act.

The Vatican has not yet commented, but its official newspaper said the gesture aimed to promote religious freedom.
Of course we know that "religious freedom" for the Vatican genuinely embraces this particular conversion and it alone, but still, what next? Restaurants that serve pork? Women in cars? Evolution taught in science classes? Wise-cracking blogs?

Freedom's a bitch. And she doesn't wear a burka unless she feels like it.


mikesdak said...

As I read somewhere else (can't recall where),of course it was deliberate. He could have been baptized in private. The Vatican wanted to tweek a little Islamic nose. If they can't be reasonable or consistent,it's nice to see them at least be entertaining.

Dale said...

Funny hats fight! Pope headgear versus turbans!

Fight, fight, fight!