Thursday, March 13, 2008

Olbermann Slams Hillary Clinton / Incredible Hulk Slams Pavement

Here, Keith Olbermann gives one of his vaunted "special comments" on the Hillary Clinton campaign. This isn't the best "special comment" ever, but it's well done and it covers ground that needed covering.

There's a new Incredible Hulk film coming out. Do we dare hope it will allow us to forget that piece of crap Hulk film by Ang Lee? Granted, the Ang Lee version had Jennifer Connelly in it, and Eric Bana is OK, but this new one has Ed Norton and Tim Roth! Ed Norton and Tim Roth! And Liv Tyler. Still.

I let the reader draw the thematic associations.


mikesdak said...

I do enjoy Keith Olbermann. Sometimes he can be a bit overwrought,but in general he gives off a this-is-just-silly vibe that's sorely lacking in the other talk shows.

Dale said...

Mike, you're right -- Olbermann is imperfect, but he's sooooo far ahead of the other bobbleheads masquerading as news broadcasters. He's very smart and it shows in every aspect of the Countdown program.

Without Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, TV would be SO much more stupid and SO much worse.

Zennalathas said...

If he uses repetition one more time...I swear...I'll flip my shit! It's only effective if you don't do it every damn sentence!