Monday, March 3, 2008

Rut Like Bunnies, Says Huxley. QED.

I found a copy of Last Generation magazine today, a rehashing of anti-evolution, anti-science, randy-for-the-apocalypse Christian apologetics, and as such not so very unlike any other piece of trash I might find crumpled on the commuter train (and it happens I did find it at the MAX stop).

It's densely packed with calculated misrepresentations and misstatements, but one that stands out is a quote attributed to Aldous Huxley that ends as follows:

The liberation we desired was liberation from a certain political and economic system and liberation from a certain system of morality. We objected to the morality because it interfered with our sexual freedom.
The quote-unquote quote comes with a foonote reading as follows:
Huxley, Aldous, "Confessions of a Professed Atheist," Report: Perspectives in the News, 1966, Vol 3., p.19.
The quasi-MLA citation of an obscure, possibly made-up periodical from 1966 -- three years after Huxley died -- adds to the overall impression of the quote-unquote quote itself, namely, that it is a fraud.

The important thing, made clear in the issue of Last Generation, is that Aldous Huxley wanted to have sex with everything that moves. In turn, he can be traced directly to Charles Darwin by way of Thomas "Darwin's Bulldog" Huxley, and therefore achieves the cdesign proponentsists' aim of discrediting Charles Darwin personally, which, as everyone knows, is exactly the same thing as disproving the theory of evolution.


Update: John Carter Wood did the digging I was too lazy to do and found some more context and background on the deceptive Huxley quote. As suspected, the quote-unquote quote is a half-truth stuffed inside a prevarication, an all too typical bearing of false witness issued by the vocal followers of god.

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