Friday, March 14, 2008

Shorter Flea Bites

Shorter David Berlinski

The Devil's Delusion as excerpted in the April 2008 Harper's:

  • Evidence schmevidence! Also, there are still unanswered questions in particle physics, therefore science is just another faith.

Shorter Chris Hedges

I Don't Believe in Atheists as summarized at Powell's online:
  • People who think they're right (whose name is not Chris Hedges) always end up consigning others to gulags and gas chambers, and so it will be with the "new atheists." Also, Hitchens supports the Iraq war!

'Shorter' concept lovingly borrowed from Sadly, No! (e.g.)

'Fleas' concept explained.


mikesdak said...

sigh....The lumping together of all scientific endeavors as "science" always disappoints me. Some I doubt he thinks of his medical-science-practicing family doctor as a "faith healer".

It should also be pointed out that the presence of unanswered questions is part and parcel of "science". Faith doesn't deal with them.

mikesdak said...

Let's try that again....medical science has many unanswered questions, but that doesn't make the family doctor a "faith healer"

Also, I probably shouldn't have said that faith (I assume he means religous) doesn't deal with unanswered questions. It just says "ask God" or "God did it".

Zennalathas said...

Hitchens supports the war, and he's an atheist. Bush started the war, and he's a Evangelical Christian.

Yup...I see the correlation between atheism and violence for sure now!

Honestly, what's up with theists and trying to make Atheism out to be "as bad" as religion? Instead of defending themselves, they just try to drag another idea down with theirs...I mean, why not just sue for defamation of character? It works for Scientology...