Monday, March 17, 2008

Stuff A Gray Person Likes

I've tried a couple of blog posts but the current mood swing (mostly cloudy, chance of despair) isn't allowing it. So here are a few of the starting points of what might have been posts of this precious, precious blog:

  • An LA Times piece on Stuff White People Like and its founder, Christian Lander.
  • A commentary on the above by Mark Richardson of the Oz Conservative blog. To the extent I can make sense of the commentary, I think it's some sort of defense of pan-caucasian tribalism. I'm not saying it's white nationalist or even racist, but I do think it's a little too loose in asserting a common cause between White Trash and Urban Elitists. I have lived among and indeed been both*, and the differences are not superficial if anything isn't.
  • A review of a new book by Andrew Anthony on the realignments of the western left after 9/11. The review is perhaps too long and thorough as I don't feel a need to read the book now that I've read the review. (H/T to George Junior, who uncharitably links to it as 'the rot of the western left' -- yes, there is some rot to be noticed and criticized mercilessly. Some.)
  • On German Joys, musings on why it is that Americans seem to use anti-depressants so much more than Europeans. It's interesting enough, but I think there's a ready cui bono answer to be had in the combination of managed care and hyperactive pharmaceutical marketing in America.
  • I don't care for St. Patrick's Day. I am not Irish. I am not wearing green or orange. The thought of Leprechauns terrifies me, and green food coloring does alter flavor.

* I still love Doritos, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, AC/DC, and Van Halen (much of it), and I don't think it's too rash to say I always will. It's complicated. If I really felt ashamed of these culturally suggestive affinities, I wouldn't have typed them here, where literally six people will read of them.

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Laura said...

Dale, back in the day when I was trailer park trash, I was quite fond of Twinkies.

If you need a laugh maybe you could listen to David Paterson's Shecky Green imitation during his swearing-in ceremony this afternoon as the new NY Governor. Maybe life really is a cabaret...