Monday, March 24, 2008

The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Violent Repression

This design by Michael Parisi & Rebecca Cadman is one of several hacks of the Olympic logo highlighted on Eyeteeth.

By stepping up its brutal repression of Tibet even as it makes final preparations for the 2008 Olympic games, China is playing a game of chicken it expects to win.

The leverage of cheap labor is manifestly powerful. China will, it seems, continue to get away with murder so long as it keeps the sweatshops humming.


Laura said...

One wonders why we don't rush right into China, stop human rights abuses, and establish our Democratic style of government. Could it be, perhaps, that they don't have any oil?

mikesdak said...

Laura,it also could be that they do a lot of business with the companies that pull the American political strings. They've learned from the old Soviets, whose economics ultimately failed them; as Randy Newman said,"it's money that matters in the USA".

Of course,they also have nuclear weapons.

K said...

And don't forget the giant trade deficit we have with China. They own so much of our national debt that they could crush our feeble economy just by hinting that they won't accept payment in US dollars anymore.