Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Biking in Portland Goes Platinum

By that I mean not the obscure album of that title, but the actual practice of bicycling in Portland. Something called the League of American Bicyclists has honored our fair Puddletown with its highest ranking, Platinum, for its support of bicycling. Yay us!

Just in time for spiraling gas prices, which are starting to get interesting in a dear-gawd-kill-me-now sort of way. Anyone for $10/gallon?

I don't commute by bike but I could, mostly. I couldn't commute all the way to work without undue risk; the Northwest Passage that goes from my house to my workplace and avoids the icebergs of bike-unfriendly streets has yet to be discovered. I could commute to the MAX stop instead of driving to it. The sticky part would be getting my son home without having to balance him on the handlebars. I'm sure there's a way, and I'm sure I'm going to need to find it as gas prices continue escalating.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I really have little excuse not to commute by bike: I live just beyond the end of a 2.5 mile segment of straight road with more than one one-zone TriMet transit opportunity (including the MAX if I so choose), so I'd better get off my wide-bodied end and get started.

Dale said...

Oh SJKP, you simply must enjoy us lucky souls who ride the MAX daily. It's bottomless in its awesomeness!

Actually it's very boring so long as you stick to commute hours. Outside the regular commute hours, it's wall to wall scary weirdos -- not without its charms, to be sure, but they don't call 'em scary weirdos for nothing.