Sunday, April 27, 2008

Boston Is Neat

New Old South Church and a piece of the Public Library.

I like Boston. Boston is like three or four Portlands packed into roughly the same space as the existing Portland, with the driving correspondingly more hellish. Not that I tried to drive -- even the Boston tourist puffery is clear that driving there is not recommended. Here are a few takeaways:
  • The MBTA, aka the "T", Boston's mass transit system, is excellent. It gets you everywhere you want to go quickly, and most of the people riding it are not scary weirdos. But get the hell out of their way because they know where they're going and know exactly how many seconds they have to get to the connecting train.
  • Boston is a great city to walk (weather permitting) but you'll quickly learn that the stoplights are bollocks. They follow no schedule that makes sense to anyone. Ever wonder why people form the habit of ignoring crosswalk signals? Go walk around Boston for an hour and you'll form the habit just as strongly.
  • Dear Gawd Boston loves the Red Sox. Everyone there is required to wear a Red Sox cap (preferably over a Red Sox shirt) at all times, and since they're sold in every imaginable color, there's no problem with clashing. A few outliers may still honor the New England Patriots with their clothing, but real Bostonians love the Red Sox. The Celtics? The who? They're in the NBA playoffs and favored to challenge for a championship, but the SOX! The SOX! Their 162-game regular season is underway! Nothing else matters!
  • Boston is old. Boston's older buildings were already ancient by the time Portland's oldest buildings were being drawn up.
  • Boston has a marathon that's pretty famous. More on that presently.


Domestically Challenged said...

I am sooo glad you are back! My Google reader has been board beyond belief! But worse was the interruption to my morning blog-reading routine! You just can't do that to a person, Dale! I am accustomed to a certain number of Dale-isms to think about through my day (Huff!).

I like Boston too. 11 years ago I had to choose btwn moving up Here or to Boston. I really wanted Boston, but I know I made the correct choice in the end. There is a definite mini Boston feel in our small city sans the annoying accents ;o).

Welcome Home!

Dale said...

Thanks, DC. I suppose I am back but it's a drag-ass sort of back. I'm not eager to re-enter the Real World. Sigh.

Boston is great but I still love Portland too. I think the perfect weather I experienced in Boston gave my appraisal quite a boost. I wonder how much I'd love it in the middle of January or the middle of August? Probably a tougher sell around then.