Monday, April 28, 2008

Boston Marathon -- That Bloody Bib Revisited

Given the extreme care with which I make assertions on this precious, precious blog, I would hate to be accused of exaggerating on the matter of the bloody bib I previously mentioned, so I've posted a photo here (click to enlarge if ye dare). I might have scanned it before putting it on The Wall of Bibs, but this is an example of the sort of small housekeeping details I am not yet in the mood to master as I drag-ass back to the post-vacation Real World. Other examples include changing the cat's litter box and thinking about serious topics.

Detailed spectroscopic analysis of the image will reveal that the blood stained on the right side of this bib is of the B+ type, originating from the right nipple of a male Homo sapiens -- or, to avoid too many assumptions, and in keeping with my characteristic false modesty, I'll just say a specimen belonging to the genus Homo. It will also reveal trace amounts of Poland Spring water (also sold as Boston tap water), Gatorade (also sold as Kool Aid), and substantial amounts of dried sweat (also sold as flavoring for Starbucks Morning Blend coffee).

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