Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calamari for Everybody!

Here in the United States, we say "as boring as watching paint dry." Apparently the equivalent in New Zealand is "watching squid thaw:"

Marine scientists in New Zealand on Tuesday were thawing the corpse of the largest squid ever caught to try to unlock the secrets of one of the ocean's most mysterious beasts. No one has ever seen a living, grown colossal squid in its natural deep ocean habitat, and scientists hope their examination of the 1,089-pound, 26-foot long colossal squid, set to begin Wednesday, will help determine how the creatures live. The thawing and examination are being broadcast live on the Internet.
I believe this still image is taken from the first moments of the examination phase, just after the thawing. I am glad that guy on the right brought that hatchet -- we know so little of these mysterious beasts, one can't be too careful.

I am told this is the link to the squid-thawing webcast, although I can't seem to get it to work. Bon chance!

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