Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dogs of Fact and Lore

I've always loved the idea of dogs more than the barking, pooping, shoe-chewing, car-chasing, need-to-be-walked reality of them, and Laika, the first dog sacrificed to the US-Soviet space race, is a case in point. She seems adorable looking out the portal of that tiny space capsule!

For some reason -- maybe the comically disproportionate sizing -- the image on the stamp reminds me of my grandfather's chihuahua, a dog that hated everyone and everything except his food dish and Grampy, and showed it by gnawing at all comers mercilessly, producing nothing worse than deepened chihuahua aversions and some tickling. He was especially protective of his food dish, whether or not Grampy happened to be standing in it. Alas, that dog, whose name I can no longer recall, did not finish up in the cold blackness of space, but died of the usual chihuahua problems -- annoying the shit out of the wrong dog or person. Good times!


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