Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gibson and Stephanopoulos: Despicable and Typical

I am happy to say I missed some of last night's Obama-Clinton debate moderated by the execrable George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson. I wish I had missed more of it; I wish it hadn't taken place. The way big-name "journalists" steer this country's politics into trivia is disgraceful.

Andrew Sullivan captures the disgust of those of us who give a shit about the fate of the country enough to give a shit about its next president:

We are losing a war, we have destroyed our fiscal future, the planet is in distress, we have effectively quit the Geneva Conventions, the economy, propped up by massive public and private debt, is teetering ... and we all have to actually defend the fact that this election will be decided on the basis of closet Muslims, flag lapel pins, and '60s terrorists?
Certainly the wreckless Hillary Clinton shares some of the blame for these idiotic diversions, but we have the chance to vote her out of the picture. Brainless, overpaid, trivia-whoring losers like Gibson and Stephanopoulos -- not to mention Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, Wolf Blitzer, and far too many more -- remain fixed in place, doing everything possible to derail and divert politics into bullshit topics they find humorous and easy to discuss.

It's high time for an opportunity for Americans to vote these vapid pigs off the island. Too much is at stake.

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