Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hast seen the White Whale? The Week of Silence Ends.

It seems my week on vacation in sunny Boston did not stop the events of the world from proceeding apace. The television in my hotel chamber informed of continuing developments (sic) in the world of politics, where voters in Pennsylvania chose Bill Clinton over Reverend Jeremiah Wright by a 10-point margin, prompting CNN's Wolf Blitzer to soil himself with glee (on camera!) over the fact that he could continue to manufacture dramatic-sounding campaign-themed news items.

And then I plugged in my reader on the googles and all the blogs were wicked jammed with unread items! I don't know if I will ever catch up, just as I doubt I will ever lose my fake Boston-esque use of "wicked" as an all-purpose adjective, adverb, and intensive.

This precious, precious blog is wicked behind. I shall try to catch up for the sake of whatever subset of you five readers who have not unsubscribed during The Week of Silence.

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mikesdak said...

Good to have you back, Dale. I think you'll find the London Times article on the poll of social evils interesting. I found a summary of the poll.