Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Eat the Entire Apple

I do, and that's not a metaphor: I eat the entire apple, seeds, core, and all. I do typically pull off the stem, but I've eaten more than a few stems in my time. I do the same with pears.

I don't eat orange peels or banana peels. And I have learned the hard way not to put banana peels down the garbage disposal.

"Garbage disposal" -- shouldn't there be a better name for that? That's so generic. That could mean anything that disposes of garbage or by which one disposes of garbage. But no, it's a machine that grinds food scraps to small enough pieces to go down the sink drain. Shouldn't there be a more dramatic name for that? Mechanical Maw? I hereby nominate the name "Mechanical Maw," which can be shortened to "Mecha-Maw."

This is the best post ever.


mikesdak said...

Dale, that's pretty good,but you're up against the brand name InSinkErator.

George Junior said...

I prefer to drink the Kool-Aid.

Efrique said...

I sometimes cut my citrus fruit into segments. When I do that, I often eat the orange peel and all; with lemons, I almost always eat the peel.

Dale said...

George Jr., Kool-Aid is underrated.

Efrique, you've inspired me to try some orange peel. I just needed a small push, apparently.

I won't die, right?