Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McSame, Torture, & Tweety

Yesterday, John McSame sat down with the bloated face of Tweety and had, to his credit, very sensible things to say about torture:

If we’re not any better than our enemies, then does it make it harder for young people to choose. I was in Baghdad over Thanksgiving last year. I met with a former high-ranking member of al Qaida. I asked him, I said, How did you do so well after the initial military success that the Americans and the coalition forces had? ... He said, Abu Ghraib was my greatest recruiting tool. Everybody here knows what Abu Ghraib was. So my point is that for the future of this country, we have to make sure that we remain a nation that does not do things that our enemies do. And I promise you, my friends, I’ll close Guantanamo Bay and we will never torture another person in our custody again.
I am very glad to hear these words from John McSame. I don't believe them, but I am glad he spoke them, and I will hold him to them.

I don't believe the words because McSame recently voted to perpetuate the Bush-Cheney torture policy.

Naturally, Tweety didn't ask McSame to square his anti-torture statement with his recent pro-torture vote, because Tweety's expertise and interests are limited to Bill Clinton's sex life, Hillary Clinton's distressing femaleness, and Barack Obama's worrying tendency to drink orange juice and bowl poorly.

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