Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Mystery

Be careful what you say:

A Turkish barber accused of swearing at God is sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, with his family back in Turkey calling on authorities to intervene.

Sabri Boğday from the southern Hatay province went to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia 11 years ago and opened a barbershop.

According to reports, Boğday argued with his neighbor, an Egyptian tailor, and was arrested after the tailor told the police that he had sworn at God.

While Boğday has been in prison for the past 13 months, the Egyptian who made the allegation has disappeared.
You'd think that spending 13 months in prison would be more than adequate punishment for swearing at god, or even at Santa Claus for that matter, but thinking is the problem here, right? Boğday the barber appears to have held the wrong thoughts about god and given verbal expression to them.

But stepping back, marvel at the sequence of events: an Egyptian told authorities that a Turk had sworn at god in Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities arrested the Turk and locked him in prison for 13 months. The Egyptian vanished, which precludes the suspect's opportunity to confront his accuser in open court, if indeed that was not already precluded by the same body of august legal traditions that made swearing at god a capital crime in the first place.

God's ways aren't mysterious; "mysterious" is not the word for this.

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