Friday, April 4, 2008

Oregon: Rich With Ancient Dung

Your fascination with human prehistory is sure to grow to an ever higher mound on the news of the discovery of the oldest human scat in North America right here in Oregon:

DNA from dried human excrement recovered from Oregon's Paisley Caves is the oldest found yet in the New World -- dating to 14,300 years ago, some 1,200 years before Clovis culture -- and provides apparent genetic ties to Siberia or Asia, according to an international team of 13 scientists.
Since this is pre-Clovis scat, whatever this person squeezed out was not meat from an animal killed by Clovis-point spear tips. Presumably this was stoned, crushed or strangled mammoth, which probably wasn't as delicious as it sounds.



Laura said...

Dale, I did find this very interesting, so I went to the Science Daily web page and got lost in there for a long time. What a great site that is! Thanks.

Dale said...

Indeed, Laura. The ancient dung story is only the start of the attractions there. Good stuff!