Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prius Ugly?

Tell it to me straight: is the 2007 Toyota Prius an ugly car? I don't think it is, but I'm ever so slightly biased by the fact that I own one.

Even in black? Even with the mandatory left-of-center bumper stickers ("Someone Else for President", "Out of Iraq", "I'm already against the next war," "There are two kinds of Republicans: millionaires and suckers," "Don't blame me, I voted for the non-retarded candidates," "Your SUV pays Bin Laden's bills and fails to make up for your tiny penis", etc.?)

Yes? No? Feel free to answer, but I actually don't care. I really was just using this post to suggest those bumper stickers, the first three of which actually exist.

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mikesdak said...

I've seen several Priuses here, although I don't recall seeing a black one. I don't consider it particularly ugly. It has a different look,but nothing that a person can't get used to, unlike the Pontiac Aztec (the front end sitll makes me flinch). I'm guessing you realize, Dale, that there are people who drive a large SUV partly because they think it pisses you off.

As for the bumper stickers, I recall our neighbors having one saying "don't blame me; I voted for McGovern". That may have been the first one of that type I'd ever seen.

Domestically Challenged said...

Well, one person's ugly is another's Venus.

I personally don't care for them, aesthetically. However, I'm probably not the best judge. For instance 1) I think my minivan looks cool. 2)I just read the top 10 worst concept cars of 2008 list and thought many of them were awesome. 3)I thought my cyber-green New Beetle was the greatest car EVER (for me) and cried for months when I had to trade it in for my minivan! 4) I think those cars with art painted or glued onto them (like, leggos or figurines) are REALLY cool. 5) I would think the Prius was a great car if it were wallpapered in bumper stickers! Glitter paint would help alot too =o)~

Anonymous said...

ugly as sin. but @ 50mpg I could use a little more ugly in my life.

btw. the bin laden/penis gag might just be the best bumper sticker idea since "Die Yuppie Scum".

Dale said...

Anon., you know, they do have services online where you can provide your own custom wording for bumper stickers and they'll print it up and send it to you ... I double-dog dare you.

Yep. I don't worry much about the appearance of the Prius as I drive by gas stations selling $4.50 gas.

I really do like the look of the car anyway. I'm not saying it's the most beautiful thing on the road or anything, but there's far uglier out there.

Thanks for stopping by, whosoever you are.

Anonymous said...

honestly I actually ordered one, it arrived yesterday. I went to the dealership, looked at it again and realized that there is absolutely no way in hell that I will drive it, 50 mpg is just not worth leaving my manhood and dignity behind the wheel of this gimp. Asked for the credit for the deposit and another man almost kissed me for letting him have my prius...god bless him, one man's trash is indeed another man's treasure.

Dale said...

Wow, honestly. You went through all the drama and fuss of ordering a Prius from a dealer, paid a deposit, and arrived to receive the delivered vehicle ... only then to realize its appearance was beneath your dignity? No test drive beforehand? No walking around the dealer lot to take a look? No clear idea of their appearance based on everyday contact in the streets? Just walked in and put your money up for whatever untouched, unseen, tires-unkicked car they said got 50MPG?


andrew said...

the prius looks weird because its too big to be a teardrop shaped sportscar and too teardrop shaped to look like a normal wagon so lower it like this guy:


i want one of those old honda insights. it looks cooler then a prius and gets 20 more mpg but its only a two seater. thats ok though because im a college kid and chronicly unatractive so i will probably never get married. i wash i had one

Dale said...

Andrew, tastes differ, right? So you'll forgive me for saying I think Tommy Chong's Prius looks especially ridiculous.

Don't lose heart. You'll get a car and a girlfriend. Then a few more of each. It's not my place to say this, but since you brought it up, I'd say don't even think about getting married until you're quite a bit older and further along.