Monday, April 28, 2008

Rotary Phone How-To

... because there are no stupid questions, only stupidly mistaken ideas of how to operate a rotary phone. Bookmark this spot should a rotary phone ever be seen or needed again.

I remember when AT&T was still a monopoly and we had nothing but rotary phones that came in roughly two styles; when it was Such A Big Deal for my mom to get a separate line for my four sisters so that she could continue living on the phone; and when getting a replacement telephone was roughly as enjoyable and affordable as getting a cable box is today. Sure, that sucked. But we've traded that out for a world in which innumerable telecommunication companies offer innumerable features and innovations, most of them in the realm of creative billing, few of them contributing to quality of life. If my mom were still alive today, she'd still live on the phone, but I'm far from convinced her life would be any richer for all the varieties of "messaging," and I am even less convinced she'd pay an equal or smaller proportion of her monthly income for it.

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