Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Blogging Notes

First, my blogging will be spotty at best for the next week as I leave the comforting comforts of home for a visit to the exotic climes of eastern Massachussetts. I don't have a laptop -- I don't do laptops -- and besides, I don't know if Wi-Fi has made it to the east coast of the United States yet. It's possible I'll find an internets-connected computer somewhere amid the speaking apes and the half-submerged Lady Liberty, but I have laid no plans.

I have no idea how I'll survive an entire week without committing every single thought to this precious, precious blog, but heck, I'll try anything at least once, no matter how foolish.

You maniacs! You blew it up!

Second, for the sake of all of us who use feed aggregators (bloglines, google reader, whatever) to read blogs, could you perty-please set your option to send the entirety of your blog posts through syndication? The attached screen shot shows the relevant setting in, and it's probably similar for typepad, wordpress, and the rest. I realize there are reasons to send only part of the post through -- because you want people to visit your blog directly and click the ads and/or experience the awesomeness of your layout, etc., but you should also know that this makes visits to your blog less and less likely. If the first 255 characters don't grab me, I don't click through, I just mark it as read and move on, so I miss whatever you took the time to write after the 255th character and I don't visit directly. Over time, as your first 255 characters seize my interest less and less, I more and more categorize yours as an unfriendly, unwelcoming, high-maintenance sort of blog, one that I read, anticipate, and enjoy less and less. Soon enough I am not even exchanging greetings or making eye contact with the blog, and from there it's only a matter of time before I drop it altogether. And I don't think I'm alone in this.


Domestically Challenged said...

Dale, I do believe you have just given me an anxiety disorder... I didn't even know a person could do that to another being.

George Junior said...

A whole week off-line? Whoa! Good luck with that.

Sam said...

I think Sis B just owned you on this post. (see her post titled Report of the Cervix" for more info)

In the interest of being a pain in the ass, I HATE word verification. It hurts my brain.