Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A City Poked by Twaddle

Portland has been treated with acupuncture?

In March 2008 [some guy] was the “Artist-in-Residence” in Portland’s new South Waterfront neighborhood at the base of the aerial tram, where I brainstormed and work-shopped this idea with help from acupuncturists, acupuncture students, city planners, ecologists, artists, writers, public art professionals and the general public. Together we envisioned Portland as a metaphorical body, explored how energy flows through the city and debated which parts of the city would correspond to the different acupuncture organs and meridian systems.
I am pleased to report I was not among those subjected to this feat of "brainstorming" and "work-shopping" and "envisioning," but if I had been, I would have lobbied heavily to ensure that my part of town would be considered the kidneys, since every one of my neighbors is drunk most of the time, so we must be the part of Portland's metaphorical body where the alcohol goes and does lasting damage.

Nothing, with the possible exception of prayer, fails like acupuncture.

(H/T Pharyngula)

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