Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dearest Bees

Seriously, bees, what's up? Speaking as a parent who knows something is truly wrong when things get too quiet, the eery lack of buzzing is getting more and more freakout-worthy:

Nationally, a third of the food supply depends on bees for pollination, from melons to cranberries to carrot seed, according to National Research Council. Native pollinators, from wasps to bumblebees, are not present in the numbers needed for industrial agriculture -- and those pollinators are also in decline.
What have we done to offend you, dear bees? Did we stuff one too many ugly kid into a garish black and yellow bee costume on Halloween? Was it all those 1970s documentaries and feature films about so-called "killer bees" that traded in crude, hurtful stereotypes about "African" types and "European" types of honeybees?

As the author of a blog, I feel I can speak for my entire species when I say we have heard you. We have heard your plaintive, pained buzzing. We will restrain the bears. We will honor and cherish all races of bees equally. We will plant more flowers. We will blame only ourselves when you swarm us and sting us. What more can we do to set things right? Name the concession, but do come back. We like having food.


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