Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Degrees of Invective

I am not the shrillest voice of irreligion on the internets. Really I am not! I say the honor goes to the Evolved and Rational blog, which regularly serves up dollups of invective like this one:

Religion appeals to cowards and the intellectually lazy because it frees them from the burden of actually thinking for themselves. They choose to remain in a state of moral retardation ...
Idiot fundies, please take some time to consider what I’ve been saying time and time again: Christians have no confidence in mapping the course of their lives, choosing instead to take their imaginary sky-god’s orders, whose so-called Word is interpreted by – guess who – mortal men! In the end, Christians who so hate worldly opinions on how to live their lives, come back to square one by relying on humans to interpret the screamingly inconsistent scripture.
This is why Christians cannot even agree among themselves what’s moral in the cases of, for example, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, birth control and euthanasia. If god was so clear about morals, why is there such confusion? Wouldn’t the solution to these dilemmas be clear-cut and written plainly in the Bible? Why don’t they just ask god what to do, since they claim that god is the basis of morality? The blunt truth is that these Christians are simply back at square one. In the end, they are still relying on fellow men, if not themselves, in making moral judgments. More often then not, their moral judgments will be seriously warped due to the twisting and cherry picking of scripture to support a particular view. The additional fact that the Bible can be used to support nearly every point of view doesn’t make things any easier either.
And by the way, when I label this as shrill, I mean that in the best, most laudatory way possible. I love its shrillness, its relentless sundering of bullshit. I love how it makes me smile as it makes very good points against god-drunk inanity.

By contrast, my denunciations of religion are moderate, nuanced, fair, balanced, decorous, and gentle. QED.

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