Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dumb Idea, Quantified

The John McSame / She-Spartacus gas tax holiday would spare me a grand total of around $20 based on the most optimistic guesses about miles driven (that's optimistic from the perspective of McSame and She-Spartacus, not reality).

This includes miles logged and gasoline burned by both the Prius and our mysterious, as-yet-never-blogged-about second vehicle that gets right around 25 MPG.

Here's the handy web-based calculator to calculate the fabulous bounty that could be yours if the gas tax holiday takes effect.


Bpaul said...

"John McSame / She-Spartacus"

HAHAH! I love it.

Thanks for lightening my day.


mikesdak said...

I did this calculation for a comment at another site and got a savings of $6.48 a month. Yippee.

Dale said...

Bpaul, thanks! Mike -- you're rich! Six bucks and change! How will you ever spend it all?!!?