Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Bush-Hatin' Blogging

George W. Bush: the Harriet Miers of Supreme Court nominees of US Presidents.

But perhaps I've been too complimentary. This li'l Bush anecdote all but defies my Bush-scorning powers -- while in public, while apparently sober, with cameras rolling, the man claimed he sacrificed golf as a salute to the suffering of the soldiers in Iraq. But it turns out it was a lie.

Worst President Ever is safe and secure and already collecting dust on a shelf somewhere in a Texas ranch, awaiting enshrinement in a presidential library that will contain, I gather, a copy of the Bible, a copy of My Pet Goat, and countless pages of heavily-redacted torture memos. He has 241 days left as president to seize Worst Human Being Ever. I'm not saying it will be easy -- it's a strong field that includes Stalin and Hitler, just to pick a couple of pieces of low-hanging moral benchmark fruit -- but Bush has been misunderestimated his whole life, right?

Fine. I've gone too far -- George W. Bush has no realistic shot at attaining Worst Human Being Ever. Congratulations on that!

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