Thursday, May 29, 2008

GPS Hoax!

It turns out the earth-sized GPS portrait was a big fat hoax -- and it was bloggers that exposed it!

[A]fter bloggers pointed out holes in Nordenankar's claim, DHL confirmed to the Telegraph that the artwork was an "entirely fictional project".
Another enchantment shot to shit. Yay bloggers! At least we still have Santa Claus and Jesus, right?


Oh well. I still say someone is using the same technique to draw a gigantic porno across the face of the globe. Just you wait.


Domestically Challenged said...

That soooo sucks! I thought it was way cool. Maybe somebody should do that?

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm glad that someone proved that it was a goof. I get so weary of having to take it as read that someone might be lying to me about something that I'm glad that someone went to the length of showing that it was a huge prank.

Would it have mattered if nobody had ever revealed it even if we didn't know?

Yeah, kind of. I mean, I'll bet someone is thinking of a way to make it happen. That would have happened had we never known, though then someone would have just thought it was being repeated.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Just testing out my openid. That last 'zehnkatzen' was me.

Dale said...

DC, I agree -- it was a cool idea, the sort of thing I wish could be true. Sigh.

Zehn, it works! I've thought about doing that open id thingy but haven't found a good reason. Let me know if it delivers unexpected bounties (cash, whiter teeth, superpowers, etc).

////////// <--- Columbus the cat typed that.