Sunday, May 4, 2008

Horse Racing and Bafflement

Today is a big day for horse racing, as some horse named Big Brown won a major race.

It's NASCAR without the blaring cigarette ads and obscene carbon footprint, and I don't get the appeal of NASCAR either.

I do understand both sports from the perspective of the horse, the jockey, and the drivers -- I run in pointless races myself -- but I don't understand what people enjoy about watching things whirl around a track.

Horses are beautiful, but I still don't get it. I realize some people have a personal stake in it -- it is their horse or their car, they know the driver or the jockey, they knew someone who knew someone, or what have you, but I find it hard to believe that accounts for the level of interest. Maybe it's really about the gambling? Well, fine, but I don't get the appeal of gambling, either.

In so many ways, other people baffle me. Note to those of you who baffle me, or take the side of those who do: I assert no right to have my bafflement resolved.


mikesdak said...

Dale, I think NASCAR offers to it's fans (I am not among them):
(1)Real-life drama, even if it is mostly hype.
(2)Another excuse to get together and drink.
(3)A certain familiar-but-better feeling - The drivers are doing something the fans do every day (operating a motor vehicle) but with a level of skill the fans can't approach.

As for horse racing, I share your bafflement,although I've spent 2 minutes on sillier diversions. Watching the entire Kentucky Derby pre-race program is a different matter. I suspect the wealth and fanaticism of the people involved is a factor. Those are the people advertisers love.

Dale said...

Good points all, Mike. Sometimes it just strikes me how remote I am from others in my tastes over what counts as interesting, fun, exciting, etc.